a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Tika the Gamblin' Dog

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tika the Gamblin' Dog

SUMMARY: Tika might not be a herder, but she's a gambler!

In class Wednesday night, Ashley, his wife & son, and Luka brought an incredible spread of goodies to celebrate their double Scottsdale win. He warned us to come hungry, and we did, but there were still fruit tarts and cheeses and a few other things left over. Tasty and much appreciated. But he and Luka took the evening off from actually doing agility--that's quite a week for the two of them, plus the family would've been bored to tears watching class all evening, I'm sure.

At the end of class, instructor J. set up a series of gambles for us to attempt in a friendly competition. Each gamble had 4 to 6 obstacles, and you got a point for each obstacle you finished correctly. At the end of the evening, Tika had a perfect score, and no one else came close. A couple of our attempts almost failed, but we managed 'em. My gamblin' girl! Who cares about a couple ol' sheepies! So how come we don't have more gamblers legs? Hmmm.

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