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Thursday, October 04, 2007

NO Beagle Puppies Need Rescuing

SUMMARY: Ignore those emails

I've received a dozen or more emails in the last couple of days like this:

Alza Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson Company is closing their Mountain View facility. The animal test facility has 40, 16 month old beagle puppies that DESPERATELY need good loving homes. These dogs were NEVER tested. If you know of anyone, a rescue or are interested in helping give these puppies homes, please contact Rick Bible at ... The facility manager will have to put them to sleep if no homes are found by OCTOBER 15TH!!!

I've also received email saying that the humane society of santa clara county has dealt with them; that they have all gone to beagle rescue; and that they have all been adopted out. The most reliable info I can find is a press release on Alza's web site that basically says this is a bunch of nonsense.

I mention this here because it's apparently also being posted all over the country.

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