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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nationals A Week Away

SUMMARY: When I'll be traveling, where I'll be.

Seven days from now I expect to be an hour on the road towards Scottsdale.

Leaving: My traveling companion is coming down from San Francisco Monday night so that we can load up the car and be ready to go at the crack of wakey-wakey Tuesday morning. She'll have her two Pomeranians, and I'll have Boost and Tika.

Travel: It's about 10-11 hours of driving time, plus stops. Plan is to go down I-5, east on "the 210", then cut over to I-10 to Phoenix. Going among the southern california fires will be like driving through the suburbs of Hell itself. We can only hope that none of these freeways will have to be closed as we go through or come back. (Last year there was a huge fire south of I-10 which, I believe, briefly closed I-10 or other freeways in the vicinity.)

We'll drive all day Tuesday and arrive by bedtime in Scottsdale.

Hotel: Staying at the Thunderbird Suites where, in the past, they've had Internet access; I hope to be able to post at least brief blog notices here and maybe a wiki page on the Bay Team site.

Crating space: When I find out my crating space info, I'll post that, too.

Running group: I'm running Tika in Group A 26", Grand Prix quarterfinals (dang 5-point faults!) and Team only.

Coming home: We're staying through the Grand Prix finals on Sunday and then possibly driving through the night (with rest stops as needed, or maybe a hotel, who knows), arriving home Monday the 5 (happy birthday, Linda).

Ellen's schedule

Here's my walkthrough and running schedule for the event, along with the finals and so on that I'm planning on watching. See you all there!

10:00 set-up open
1:00-4:00 check in
6:30-8:30 awards dinner
7:14-7:24 Ring 6 Walk Team Jumpers
7:42-7:52 Ring 4 Walk Team Snooker
9:00-10:10 Ring 6 Run Team Jumpers
1:20-2:35 Ring 4 Run Team Snooker
7:28-7:38 Ring 1 Walk Grand Prix Quarter
7:42-7:52 Ring 3 Walk Team Standard
10:25-11:10 Ring 1 Run GP Quarter
11:40-12:55 Ring 3 Run Team Standard
9-5? Course-a-lure, boost?
6:30 Ring 1 PNS Finals (watch)
7:14-7:24 Ring 3 Walk Team Gamblers
8:24-8:34 Ring 2 Walk GP Semis (tbd)
10:05-11:25 Ring 3 Run Team Gamblers
3:25-4:00 Ring 2 Run GP Semis (tbd)
9-5? Course-a-lure, boost?
6:00 Steeplechase & PSJ finals (watch)
7:15-7:25 Ring 5 Walk Stplch classic
8:00-8:45 Ring 5 Run Stplch classic
9-5? Course-a-lure, boost?
a.m. Ring 1 Relay finals (tbd)
a.m.? Ring 1 Veterans Showcase
p.m.? Ring 1 PNS finals
p.m. Ring 1 Grand Prix finals

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  1. Good luck!!! We'll be routing for you! Can't wait to hear all about it.