a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: More Labor Day Photos

Monday, September 10, 2007

More Labor Day Photos

SUMMARY: I took hundreds of photos over Labor Day, myself, mostly of people.

Boost discovers that we're set up right next to her breeder--her mommy, daddy, "uncles" Tango and Quirk, etc., and goes into submissive groveling every chance she gets.
My classmates' team, "Jim's Bars Sluts," from a running gag (gag might be right) in Wednesday night class. Plus the barstender himself.
The opposite side of Jim's Bars Sluts
To be SURE that there was a photo of me, I jammed my other camera into a convenient friend's hands and said, "please take a picture of me!" This is how I looked to almost everyone all weekend except when I was at the score table.
At the end of the weekend, almost everything was packed up, and people's dogs were starting to run around the field for some extra play time, when I had to go attend to something. I told the dogs to get into the car and wait there, not entirely believing that they'd still be actually in the car (by my definition of "in"--meaning not outside it sniffing around in the grass) when I returned. But there they were, the little angels! (This time.)


  1. Whoever took that photo of you with the camera is a FANTASTIC photographer and must be a simply lovely friend to craft such a flattering composition of your likeness and I'd just LOVE to meet such a person!

  2. I'd have said exactly the same thing if I'd been feeling more verbose! ;-) Thanks again for being convenient and willing to indulge my photo fantasies, and it was cool to meet you and your family.

    I haven't yet uploaded all of the photos I took over Labor Day, but there are assorted photos of you and yours scattered among them. *any day now*, I'm sure.