a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Boost's Weaving Poles--Fixed?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Boost's Weaving Poles--Fixed?

SUMMARY: Sometimes the simplest solutions...

I've picked her up only a few times when she's missed that left-turn entry into the weaves. You should see her working to get in there now! It became clear that she had to work on it after the first couple of times, when she'd blast full speed to just beyond the first pole, then visibly stop for the fractioniest bit of a second and DIVE into the entry, but she's getting smoother all the time.

Now I'm wondering whether it's just that she's stronger with a lead to one side, which makes it easier to turn sharply in one direction, and she just never figured out (or was never forced to figure out) how to change lead to make the sharp turn in the other direction. It's a thing of beauty! We'll see how well it translates when we get to class this Thursday--and in the trial this coming weekend. But it's lookin' good--


  1. Make sure your are rewarding success....


  2. Oh, you know it! We whoop and scream and run around the yard like maniacs playing the most exciting tug-of-war game in the universe. Every time! For sure we're in new-behavior-training mode. And I want the success to be more exciting than the possibility of just doing the weaves over and over...


  3. Wow, that's very interesting. I tried that with Jaime who would get the entry but was going too fast to bend back for the next opening. It didn't work for that particular problem with him, though.
    Let us know if it continues to work...