a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Chasing Bronze and Gold

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chasing Bronze and Gold

SUMMARY: Tika's USDAA title chase, post-Labor Day.

How many legs (Qualifying scores) until Tika's ADCH-bronze?
  • Jumpers: Have: 11. Need: 4 more. (Got at regionals: none; that's 2 in a row)
  • Gamblers: Have: 13. Need: 2 more. (Got at regionals: none.)
  • Standard: Have: 14. Need: 1 more. (Got at regionals: 1.)
  • Pairs Relay: Have: 16. Need: none. (Got at regionals: 1)
  • Snooker: Have: 20. Need: No more. (Got at regionals: 1.)
  • Steeplechase: Have: 6. Need: No more. (Got at regionals: 0.)
  • DAM: Have: 6. Need: No more. (Got at regionals: 1.)
  • Grand Prix: Have: 20. Need: No more (jeez, PLATINUM requires a mere 10 of these! Bring on those 5-fault Qs!). (Got at regionals: 1.)

What about that TM-Gold?
  • Steeplechase: Have: 6. Need: 1 more. (Got at regionals: 0; that's 3 in a row)
  • DAM: Have: 6. Need: 1 more. (Got at regionals: 1.)
  • Grand Prix: Have: 20. Need: none. (Got at regionals: 1.)
  • Total among all 3 tournaments Have: 32. Need: 3 more (including the one more steeplechase and team). (Got at regionals: 2.)

And how about the Lifetime Achievement Award Bronze? Have: 94. Need: 56 more (Got at regionals: 5.) (Jeepers, Batman, that's a lot of legs! For some reason they don't count the Steeplechase and DAM towards the LAA awards. On the up side, although Tika earned only 33 towards this in all of '06, so far in '07 she's earned 35 and we have 3 trials to go.)


  1. Hi!

    From following your blog I've gotten the impression that you keep a pretty detailed trial results database, and I was wondering if you would like to share some details about it. I love keeping track of things in general and my dogs' trial results are no exception. Having been to a number of trials with two dogs it's time to start some kind of database before everything gets totally confused in my head. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'd love to hear how you've organized your database. What program do you use, what things do you track or not track, and any other tips you can offer?

    Thanks! :-)


  2. Thanks for the question; I've just now provided a detailed post on that topic.