a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Mouse Count

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mouse Count

SUMMARY: And another...four...bit the dust

I just made the rounds of all the traps and got another one under the sink; both traps in my bedroom and one of the traps in the housemate's room. That's 8 in 24 hours; I bought 12 traps and started with 2. I hope I have enough! Jeez...

The challenge is putting the peanutbutter-baited traps where the mice will go but the dogs, who love PB, can't get their tongues onto them.


  1. http://www.nixalite.com/ratzapper.aspx

  2. After my 1st indoor mouse incident. Previously we had found plenty in the shed and the unfinished part of the basement. I purchased those electronic rodent repelling noise devices that you can get at home depot. Inaudible to the human ear. And so far so good. I know there are still plenty of them outside (the dogs catch them all the time) but they stay out of my house.

    At this point your traps may be attracting them into the house, and there is a never ending supply of them outside.

  3. Re: Ratzapper: A very expensive solution to something that seems to be mostly solved with $6 worth of traps. (Only 1 overnight, under the sink again.)

    Re: noise devices: Will have to investigate further. But it seems clear from the activity that they've been getting into the house around the pipe under the sink, so if I can close that up, I might be OK without more devices.