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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In the Heart of Agility Country

SUMMARY: Yes, I'm lucky where I live.

In response to a comment about being lucky where I live to have 14 USDAA trials in a year--yes...yes, I am. Although, since I feel compelled to be at all of them plus a few CPEs as well (such is the nature of addiction), it would actually be nice to live somewhere were they *weren't* so convenient and I could spend my weekends doing something creative, exploratory, or even (gasp!) relaxing.

Here's a quick calendar of the USDAA events that I put on my personal calendar for 2007. Notes:
  • The ones that are nearly 2 hours, I spend the night. So there are really only 3-4 USDAA trials a year where I can sleep in my own bed.
  • The ones that are farther than that, I just don't go to (except Nationals), although many of my friends do, and I keep thinking that someday I might want to go to them again (did for a couple of years).
  • And I haven't even included the Oregon ones, to which some diehards travel. And I think there might be a few more of those southern Cal ones (5-8 hours) that I didn't even note on my calendar.
  • Times are actual driving times, not including stops.

January Bay Team Santa Rosa <2 hrs
San Diego 7 hrs
February VAST Turlock <2 hrs
Pomona5 1/2 hrs
March Fillmore 5 hrs
CAT Madera <2 hrs
April Haute TRACS Dixon <2 hrs
SMART Salinas < 1 hr
May Bay Team varies...used to be sunnyvale 20 mins, but in any case <2 hrs
Quicksilver Carson City 4 hrs
Moorpark 5 hrs
June NAF Turlock <2 hrs
July City of Industry 5 hrs
Moorpark 5 hrs
Aug SMART Salinas< 1 hr
Sept Bay Team Sunnyvale 20 mins
VAST Turlock < 2hrs
TRACS Woodland 2 hrs
Oct Haute Dawgs Dixon <2hrs
CAT Madera <2 hrs
Nov Nationals 11 hrs
NAF Turlock <2 hrs
DART Irwindale 5 1/2 hrs

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  1. I have to say that I have been enjoying staying home for so many weekends this spring and summer. I've actually had a chance to see my non-dog friends again, I've been to see a couple of movies and even been out to dinner with my husband once or twice.
    And because I haven't used up all my vacation days by taking every other Friday off for travel to trials, I'm actually taking a real vacation this Fall.
    It's good to know that there is life outside of agility--something that seems unlikely when you're really caught up in it :-)