a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Finally, Some Competition

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally, Some Competition

SUMMARY: CPE this weekend

It's our club's CPE trial this weekend, up in Petaluma. That's almost a 2-hour drive, so I'll be spending the night up in that neighborhood. A friend has kindly offered to let me stay at her place, about 20 minutes from the site.

I and the dogs both need the weekend. Really, I don't know what to do with my beasts when we're not doing agility!

The weather has been weird so far this summer. Seems as if it has been quite humid along with warm, which isn't normally the case in this part of California. Of course, my body-temperature regulators have been on the fritz, too, so some of it could just be me. Dogs don't care much. It's just a matter of whether they return the tossed toy more often directly to me or more often directly into the shade.

This morning it looked like rain. They said that, if it managed to summon up at least 1/100 inch, it would be the first rain ever recorded in San Jose on July 18. (Well, so they've been recording only about 70 years, go figure.) But the overcast has burned away and it looks nothing like rain weather at the moment.

But I feel like I need to stand in the yard and run the hose over my head. I am hot and goopy. Yuck. Claims to be barely 80 F outside--77 inside since it never got much below 70 overnight to cool the house down. Dogs are lying around panting. Me too.

Oooh, yeah, Accuweather.com reports current humidity at 46%! That is so not normal for around here unless it's foggy. At least, I think not. I'd expect more like mid-20s. OK, gotta go perspire a little more.


  1. Oh puh-leeeeese!

    It's 98 today but with the heat index it feels like 105. The humidity is 49%. So please--no more whining about 77 :-)

  2. But...but...it's not the heat, it's the humidity! :-) Yes, I know, I've been in places during the summer where you're wetter *after* toweling off after a shower than you were before.

    But it's not supposed to be like that here. I can handle 77 or even 85. But I'm a perspiration wimp.