a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Taj MuttHall Gets A Redesign

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Taj MuttHall Gets A Redesign

SUMMARY: I'm changing my template from scratch. Sorry for any disruptions.

Because Blogger has a whole major new release of its software and there are some interesting features that I'd like to make use of and don't want to try kludging together one line at a time, I'm going to use one of their default templates and tweak it from there back towards my own little customizations.

Hope this doesn't completely muck up everything. Expect things to move around and change abruptly from time to time.

9:45 PM PST: Known issues: (1) Header background (dark blue-gray) starts to repeat behind next set of boxes. Unknown why. (2) space for posting isn't very wide. Need to photoshop and upload a bunch of revised graphics to make it wider. Not sure I want to spend the time right now, but it sure is naaaaarooooooow. (3) I'd like the labels to be down in the post footer like they showed for the template, but not sure whether it's possible and not feeling like researching at the moment. (4) For prettiness, could redo the dog photos with rounded corners. Sigh. Lo-pri. (5)The lines under the headers in the sidebar are inconsistent in various ways. (6) The borders around the dog photos have vanished & won't come back. Don't know why.

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