a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Diagrams for Yesterday's Post

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Diagrams for Yesterday's Post

SUMMARY: I knew it would be hard to explain without pictures.

Note that the second case is one-sided only; if she's on my right and so is supposed to bear left after the jump, she correctly does so. And it's funny because the second case is really the same thing as the first case, if one were to gradually rotate the jump (or one's position in relation to it) around the clock 90 degrees. Hmmm. Something else to try--see at what angle the left-turning thing begins to manifest.


  1. Do you have some video of this? Is it possible that you're flicking an arm or shoulder oh so slightly to cue the turn to the jump too early and you don't realize it? Just a thought, it's hard to say without seeing what's going on in person.

  2. Yes, good idea, I've been threatening to post more videos for the last couple of months since I successfully posted one of Boost doing herding. And seeing them on other agility blogs really has me wanting to do it. Now I just need to get out the tripod and camera and do it. Yes, just do it. Yes. No problem. Any moment now. -ellen

  3. Did you ever teach her to turn away from you? That can make it hard for the dog to differentiate between when she's to go straight and when she's supposed to turn away?

    I taught Jaime to turn away from me--it's ever so handy in Gamblers--but if I'm trying to send him to the right side of a U shaped tunnel and he's on my left side he continually flicks away to the left tunnel entrance. So now I have to use a little false turn to get that right side entrance which isn't always easy to do when I'm 15 or 20 feet behind him most of the time.

  4. Oh, yes, another good idea! I think I've been hearing about the One Jump thing for a while. I wonder whether The Bay Team has it in its library? Something to check out. We had a discussion in class last week about how you can successfully completely confuse your dog about the difference between a rear cross and front cross by doing the same shoulder turn at the same time, and I got dinged in class for doing it--so maybe I've messed her up thoroughly. :-) I didn't teach her turns on a flick but rather on Left and Right commands exactly to avoid the sort of conflict you mention. But I guess I also need to just get out the video camera--as I've said over and over-- just a hassle.