a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: USDAA This Weekend and Tika's Title Chase

Friday, August 25, 2006

USDAA This Weekend and Tika's Title Chase

SUMMARY: Tika needs assorted legs for assorted titles.

Backfill: Saturday, Aug 26 (blogger was having trouble the other day when I tried to post).
It's off to Prunedale this weekend for USDAA.

Upcoming titles on Tika's list:
* Gambler Master: Needs 1 gamble; this completes the gambler requirements for her ADCH, which I'd really like to finish off.
* Snooker Master: Needs 1 Super-Q; this completes the snooker requirements for her ADCH, ditto.
*Jumper Master: Needs 2 Jumpers.
*ADCH: Needs the GM, SM, and JM.
* Snooker Champion: That same 1 Super-Q would also complete this title.
* Relay Champion: 1 Pairs Relay leg. (Have already completed ADCH requirements.)
* Tournament Bronze: 1 Team leg.

This weekend they're offering:
*2 standard
*pairs relay
*grand prix

I don't know exactly why I keep entering grand prix and steeplechase. They're expensive and we've already qualified for this year's nationals in both. BUT of course the steeplechase offers the chance of making it to the 2nd round on Sunday and then MAYBE placing high enough to win a few dollars. And I just WANT to finally ever get another GP placement ribbon!

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