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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Ankle Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone--dangit--

SUMMARY: What a wreck I am

I keep feeling as if I'm basically a healthy person. But I'm realizing more and more that that right knee that suddenly got so bad this spring is a real problem, and that twisted ankle that's just not healing is a real problem, and the shoulders that I messed up back in January are a real problem. I'm dreading loading the car for a weekend, unloading it when I get to the trial, setting things up, tearing things down at the end of the weekend, and loading them back into the car. It all hurts; not overwhelming, but just a steady miserable background drone of pain. We're not even talking about the leftover sciatica from the back injury 6 years ago that just fades in and out all the time.

I think I really need to lose those 8 pounds that dangit have crept back on again, except walking is a little painful and I'm not supposed to be doing as much with the ankle and the knee, and the additional things I used to do a lot of for extra calorie burning, like working in the yard and hauling compost around, are painful because of the shoulders and the back. Crikey.

So last Tuesday I went in to see my doctor. She ordered x-rays of everything except for the bottom of my left foot (which is what I fractured 10 years ago) because she said the xray last October was fine and she thinks it's just metatarsalgia (or something like that--irritated metatarsal area, basically). Yet another part of me to ice regularly.

Haven't heard back on the xrays yet. Left an email message for the doctor this morning. She'll send me to physical therapy--one joint at a time--if nothing's actually broken.

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