a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Omigod Have I Broken My Babydog?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Omigod Have I Broken My Babydog?

SUMMARY: A challenging class session.

Today in class:
* Boost couldn't do a single set of weave poles correctly. Always skipped the second pole and, if I blocked that, skipped the 3rd. Plus skipped others also. She's doing great at home! Not one dang correct set of poles! I kept trying, slowing her down, straight on approach, start with hand in collar--skip skip skip. I just wanted her to succeed so I could reward her but it wasn't happening! She wasn't happy.

* I thought the Aframe was about the same height as we've been working in the yard, but it's apparently enough higher (or different) that she's freaked out by it. Stopping at the top and then kind of working her way down. Or just running past it entirely and not going up. Not a happy girl there, either.

* Teeter--it's lower than we've been working, and she ran and slammed the end and kept going but then stopped and looked confused. Took several tries to get her to stop on the end. What's with that? I rewarded and played like crazy.

Ack ack ack! I thought we were doing so welllllllllllll. But what was bad was that she started to shut down and wouldn't even play with her toy. She never shuts down! She always plays with me! So obviously I was creating way too much stress and failing far too often. I was trying to do things inbetween to go fast and play and reward, but it seemed like everything we tried we mucked up. Poor baby girlie! I have some serious relationship and agility fun mending to do here.

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