a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Getting Old

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Getting Old

So here's the story after visiting the doctor today:

* Shoulder is "impingement syndrome." Used to be called bursitis. Means it's inflamed and hurts. Need to keep icing it like crazy (and in a wider area than I have been) and have prescription for powerful anti-inflammatories and do those exercises dammit.
* Knee is probably the beginning of signs of the gradual erosion of the meniscus, also called "osteoarthritis," jeez, my mom just had her knees replaced, I can see I'm headed down that road if he's right. Ice it like crazy, take those anti-inflammatories, and do those exercises dammit.
* Plus my blood pressure was way up (although down a lot when they retook it at the end of the session but still quite a bit higher than my normal).

WHY ME? WHY NOW? Did I already say "crap crap crap!"?

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