a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: The Bees Knees and Regular Ones, Too

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Bees Knees and Regular Ones, Too

Notice how my left knee (that's on your right) has a fairly well-defined kneecap? Notice how my right knee (that's on your left) has almost no definition and is puffy all around? It's pretty uggy. It's not really bruised; that's just shadows. Have I mentioned how hard it is to try to take photos of your own knees?
Just to keep you entertained until I can get back to my long weekend story...

By the time I got home Saturday evening, my knee was so stiff and thick-feeling that it felt like it filled up my jeans leg. Here's what it looked like after I got out of the shower. Have you ever tried to take a picture of your own knees? It's somewhat like trying to lick your own elbow only it involves more flash bulbs.

Have you ever noticed how ugly knees are just generally?

But, you know what, there's some good news today--I just saved a ton of money on car ins... no, not really--I discovered when trying to look up someone ELSE's USDAA title that the ADCH no longer requires 7 Standard legs--it used to take 5 legs, then they changed it to 7 a couple of years ago, then they apparently changed it back to 5 when they added tournament Q requirements. So in fact Tika already has her Standard Agility Master (SAM) title! And that's the bees knees! Yay! Good thing, since we were 0 for 3 in Standard for the weekend. How we ever managed a clean Team Standard run I'll never know.

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  1. Hi El,
    Thanks for your note. We're feeling great and ready to be back to trialing and work. I think my boss might like me to come back. He didnt' bother to bring in a consultant to start my projects so I have to do 12 months of work in 8 when I get back.

    Your knee looks almost as bad as mine did after my surgery. I had 30 lbs of edema and couldn't find a bone on my body without poking through 3 inches of squishy fluid under my skin. It must hurt like hell. I hope you can get some relief for it.

    Take care,

    Amy & Flirt