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Monday, October 03, 2005

There's Always So Much To Say--

--so I never come here because I know I'll be here for hours typing stuff and I have other things to which I must attend. But then I get over here and I can't remember everything. Or anything. I think it's time to randomly ramble again.

Potty training: Thought we were doing so well. Went for a couple of weeks without peeing in the house (I'm referring to Boost, mind you). Then last Wednesday night I came rushing home after an hour and a half commute, concerned about being late to agility class. As part of the prevent-peeing-in-the-house campaign, I try to get Boost out to the back yard ASAP and wait for her to do it, giving the keywords if needed. So out we went. Would she pee? She would not. (Now I feel as if I'm in a Dr. Seuss story...) I finally gave up and went upstairs.

As another part of the PPITH campaign, I've been putting her in her crate any time we're upstairs in my bedroom. But this time I didn't; I had my eyes right on her. She followed me into the bathroom while I was in there; she got out ahead of me but she was in the hallway watching Tika chew on something; I frantically changed my clothes and she was watching very carefully; I turned around to close the drapes or open the windows or whatever, and I turned around and the puppy jumped up onto the bed and wiggled as if to say hi. So I gave her a little hug--and the inside of her thighs were damp. So I looked--sure enough, a trail of pee all across my bed but NOT where she had just been, it had to have been done sometime before. This time went thru the cover, thru the "don't wash except in emergency" allergy cover, AND down to the comforter itself. Well, I can't afford to keep having it washed, so it's just airing out in the closet for a while.

Turns out that the same afternoon when the housemate got home from work--he's been going around through the side gate every day instead of coming straight into the house as part of the PPITH campaign, poor guy--he tried to convince Boost to pee in the yard. She wouldn't and wouldn't and wouldn't some more. So they went into the house, Boost rolled over on the kitchen floor to get her tummy rubbed, and when he leaned down to touch her--splorsh.

Jeez. I don't know what the deal is, I don't.

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