a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Exhaustion

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I'm trying to spend some time this week doing some actual useful training related to the problems that Tika and I have been having at trials. I've gotten in exactly one session so far, and tomorrow already it's time to repack the car and get ready for another weekend.

I'm still commuting too much to Foster City (it'll be 3 times this week). Hour drive each way is exhausting. Worrying about my next project is exhausting. Not having enough time is exhausting. Not having enough money is exhausting. I seem to live in a constant state of too-much-to-do, but this week I'm feeling particularly stressed.

Tuesday morning towards the end of Tika's class I started feeling a bit more tired (than usual) and figured it was perhaps a lack of sleep. (Have been doing very well, actually, since I finished insomnia school last winter, but the last week or two have been iffy again.) Last night by the end of Jake's class, I was having trouble merely moving my legs fast enough to catch up to Jake on the dogwalk. Felt like muscle fatigue was setting in, as though I had used my legs beyond endurance. But this has just been a normal week, normal classes.

I just strolled over to my sister's house and back, about .3 miles each way. Do it a lot. It's a quick breezy 5-minute walk. I had hardly started before my legs felt draggy. By the time I had headed home again, my thighs and calves were hardly functioning, extremely achey and weak.

I don't know what's doing it. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

--No, I'm going to have a small piece of angel food cake with blackberries and go to bed. THAT should help SOMETHING.

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