a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Another Agility Weekend Arrives--

Friday, October 07, 2005

Another Agility Weekend Arrives--

This weekend we're off to Dixon and next weekend we'll be in Madera, both for USDAA trials. Tika's situation is this:
  • Pairs relay: Needs one more leg for her master's title.

  • Standard: Needs one more leg for her master's title.

  • Grand Prix: Needs one more leg to qualify in GP for 2006 nationals.

  • Snooker: Needs 2 Super-Qs for her master's title

  • Steeplechase: Needs only one leg to Q in St for 2006 nationals.

  • Jumpers and Gamblers: Need zillions for master's titles (well, OK, 4 each).

Our opportunities are as follows over the next 2 weekends, which will be our last USDAA titling opportunities until the end of January:
  • Pairs: 1+1

  • Standard: 2+2

  • GP: 1+1

  • Steeplechase: 1+0

  • Snooker: 2+2

  • Jumpers and Gamblers: 1+1, 2+2

You'd think that, with all those opportunities, we could get it. But those pesky knocked bars and those pesky missed up contacts are a real hindrance to our getting anywhere.

So what have I done in recent weeks to improve our jumping? Nothing. To improve our up contacts? Nothing. THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TIME IN MY LIFE!

Boost is doing OK again on not peeing in the house, but then we've been going out of our way to prevent it. (Actually I'll have to check with my housemate and make sure that he's telling me if she house-pees when he's around. He might be holding out on me.)

Jake, while a little limpy at the trial 2 weekends ago, has perked up and has been looking great for at least a week now. Again he's entered in only 2 things for the weekend. I just have to make sure to get him out and get him moving and excited between times.

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