a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Should I Get Serious About Casey?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Should I Get Serious About Casey?

(Thanks for people's patience--I send personal email and then I steal the text and stick it up in my blog for everyone to read. I keep threatening to get serious about my housemate's Little Black Dog, Casey. He could be fast like Pic (the wonder-PyrShep), I'm thinking, although we have some play/stress issues, I think (he'll play tug of war like crazy, blast thru the tunnel and over a jump, get the toy I toss, and then run into the house so I don't make him work any more). I've hardly spent any time with him on weaving poles. I did finally spend the time over the holidays to progress to nose touches on a target--but he still wants to lie down to do it, and he's still a little iffy on whether he's going for the target or my hand or something else--but I'd say he's up to more than 80% right now. But I obviously have a long way to go to get him onto contacts. But he already has a mostly decent sit-stay (took him a little while to get the idea).

I've been threatening Tika's agility instructor with asking for a separate private class or 2 with Casey for quite a while now and never managed to do it--hmmm, I wonder whether she's got an opening next week, since I won't be doing Tika? :-)

Working with Casey would be much less expensive & time-consuming & stressful for me than getting another dog of my own. So I still haven't decided that I want to do the new-dog-thing right now. But I still want at least 4 years in age between dogs, and Tika won't be 4 til Feb. So that's that. Maybe in April or so I could start looking for a puppy. Maybe. Although I'm not sure what I want.

Tika, for all her agility prowess, has really exhausted me on the topic of new dogs in the household.

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