a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: I'm Going To Go Stir Crazy--

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm Going To Go Stir Crazy--

Tika still didn't want to put weight on her foot--at least, until she got excited (I know, I know--that means she was *awake*, right?). She still will go full out running and jumping straight into the air (e.g., when dinner is served), so it's not agonizing.

The injury. Click photo to see larger version.

Went to the vet this morning. There's a small swelling at the front of the wrist. Could be a simple bruise. Could be a bone bruise. Could be a sprain or strain, especially if she slipped on the wet ground and overextended something. Could be a tiny fracture or tiny chip, although he doesn't think so--and he won't even try an x-ray for something like that without anaesthesia--said it's not worth it, they can't get clear enough images for something this subtle, especially with Drama Queen Tika (whines when I touch the sore spot; shrieks and throws herself around and shows teeth when the vet touches it).

So--it's 10 days of rest (argh!?!) and Rimadyl and then gradually increase exercise if it's looking OK.

We'll be skipping our fun match this weekend (my one chance to work on those badly deteriorated start-line stays) and class next week. I hope we'll be good for the Bay Team trial last weekend in January, but I might not know by the closing date...

This was my nightmare when retiring Jake--what if something happens to Tika and I have no agility dog? Whine whine whine-- (or, rather, more like shrieking and throwing myself around--)

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