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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mammo update

OK, this is still not dog related, but people are asking.

Went in for an ultrasound on a small lump found in mammogram. Ultrasound says it's about 1.5-2 cm lump that the doctor would like a surgeon to take a look at.

This is also something I've done repeatedly; mostly surgeon has said, yeah, it's a lump but nothing interesting, although once did a needle biopsy, which was, yeah, it's a lump but nothing interesting. So I have an appt next week with the surgeon. Kaiser also apparently has a "Mammo Review Board" consisting of radiologist, surgeon, and I'm not sure who all, who decide whether to recommend a biopsy based on mammogram and ultrasound. I'll hear what they have to say when I see the surgeon.

The doctor I spoke with said that the ultrasound report said that it was larger than in previous mammo (although I had thought it was going to take them weeks to get copies of the previous mammos, and they didn't actually say on the report that they had received them) and that it had something like clearly defined edges with indistinct edges (this isn't an exact quote--but doctor read it to me and was as confused as I was).

So--been there, done that.

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