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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Why I Never Do Anything But Agility

A friend asked about plans for November. I said, "Here's what I'm doing in agility in Nov--"
She said, "I thought I was planning so far ahead that no one would have plans yet!!! Yeesh!!! :-)"

So here's the thing about agility in California. Most of the agility clubs have standard weekends on which they hold their events. For example, our club (The Bay Team) always has a trial on the last weekend of March and of July, the 1st weekend of May, and Labor Day weekend. Multiply by a couple or 3 dozen clubs in (reasonable) driving distance-- I just got a 4-year planning calendar showing exactly which dates things will probably fall on.

Challenge is that not everything stays put--most of the various national finals (there's the AKC nationals, the USDAA nationals, the NADAC nationals, the CPE nationals. First 2 are the big ones) move around. Which really screws up everyone else's schedules. Then sometimes new clubs start up and they claim various weekends. Then sometimes various venues become unavailable so events have to change dates to accomodate new venues. Or e.g., our club used to do 1st weekend in November but it rained too often so we switched to July.

But mostly I can predict what I'll be doing 4 years from next weekend...argh.

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