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Thursday, May 20, 2004

What Are People Thinking, Follow-up

When I picked up those 2 little strays the other day, one of the people I talked to in the neighborhood said that they looked something like the 2 dogs who belonged to one of the Asian families nearby and who had gotten out once before, but he was pretty sure the Asian family had moved.

When I dropped them off at the SPCA, they gave me their case #s so that I could call and see whether they'd been claimed. When I called 2 days later, the person I talked to said that a note had been entered (she wasn't permitted to tell me where the info came from) that the owners of the dogs had moved. I wonder whether the folks I talked to over here called the pound to check on them, too, and told them the same thing?

Anyway, I called again today and they're still unclaimed, so now they're going through the process of being up for adoption. The woman told me that they had passed their medical exams and tomorrow they'd do behavioral testing and then, if they passed, they'd be available.

Interesting how it works. When I dropped them off, I could have put a deposit of $60 each to reserve adoption rights if no one else claimed them. I didn't really want to do that.

It turns out that you can also put down a $50 deposit for a chance at specific breeds of dogs if they come in. And since we listed one of them as a sheltie mix, and shelties are a commonly requested breed, there would be people in line behind me if I went up and said I wanted to adopt one of them.

Where are the owners? Why would they get a dog spayed and then not be looking for it?

The little blond sheltie mix was very cute, agile, strong.

Nononono I don't need another dog right now.

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