a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Stiff Knee

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Stiff Knee

Stiff knees are so much more annoying than stiff upper lips. Unless you're trying to sip soup.

Noticed on Monday afternoon, while sitting and talking to an engineer on my new project, that my right knee stiffened up considerably between each move. Had to hobble a bit when first standing up again until it worked itself loose. Finally checked yesterday, and yes indeed it is somewhat swollen.

OK, who snuck around Sunday night injecting stiffeners and swolleners into my knee? I have no idea what the deal is. I didn't fall all weekend doing agility; I hardly even went near any heavy equipment so I'm pretty sure I didn't whack it with anything. I didn't twist anything while running OR walking (the latter of which has always proven more dangerous to me).

Pondering this for two days, I do recall that there was a Snooker run with Tika on Saturday in which I was thinking we were going east south east and she thought we were going northwest and our paths intersected probably on my right leg, but I don't recall it being a particularly hard crash--in fact at the time I remember thinking loudly to myself "Incidental contact!" (to prevent the judge from thinking that I was actually trying to change Tika's direction by crashing into her, which believe me would not be my first choice of methodology).

It's still a bit stiff and slightly puffy today. Very weird. It doesn't hurt much except when I'm first working the stiffness out when I stand up.

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