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Monday, August 12, 2002

Tika Sleeps...or not/Musings on Titles

Backfill: 11/10/02 We've hardly practiced agility stuff since class on Wednsday. Work has been nuts, plus then packing for another out-of-town show, driving most of the day friday, at the show sat & sun--seems like we'll *never* get our training in!

Tika is such a sweetie sometimes. After hearing about other people's problems with how badly their dogs travel, I guess I'm very lucky to have a dog that lies down & goes to sleep the entire trip, no matter how long, as has been tested on our trips to Eureka and Carson City.

Of course the flip side to that coin is that she's rarin' to go when we stop, and I'm rarin' to go to bed. She never did get to play much this weekend. Since it was a small trial, that meant that they were doing something almost constantly on Saturday, but then afterwards I didn't even think about it--kinda lay down to take a rest and then went out to dinner with the local crew & Eric & Wendy.

Jake missed high in trial by one popped dogwalk. Dang. Now Rem has been 2nd high once and Jake has been 2nd high once. It's kind of fun, having something to compete for after the NATCh.

Actually just discovered that Jake is only one gambler's leg & 5 std legs from his O-NATCh! Jeez, how can the 2nd one have gone by so quickly?! I guess because I wasn't really paying attention. Had I even thought about it, I'd have entered him in a few more standard rounds this winter/spring (entered him in tunnelers etc. instead a couple of times, for the variety).

I still almost can't believe I've gotten this far with these guys. I remember counting down Remington's novice titles one leg at a time and displaying them that way (2/3 NAC, 1/2 NJC, etc..), 'cause I was so proud of the legs & so sure that we'd probably barely ever get beyond Open, if we even made it that far! Those were the days--

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