a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Remington Feeling Better/Addisons Negative/Tika's First Run Ever

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Remington Feeling Better/Addisons Negative/Tika's First Run Ever

Doctor called a little while ago; Remington definitely does not have Addison's disease. That's good. But we still have to figure out why he's anemic and/or monitor it to see whether it's a transient thing or getting worse.

From a friend: Hope you (and Rem) are feeling better today!

We both are, some. I had the energy to try a little agility with the kids before dinner today. Remington had been hanging around looking bored for several hours, instead of simply curled up sleeping like he did all weekend & all day yesterday. (Actually I did, mostly, too.) So we did a couple of Aframes (which he went down very slowly and gingerly, so I'm not sure what's going on there) and ran a couple of jumps, which he looked good on. He's anemic, though, and we don't know why. So now we're in a monitoring stage, and we'll retest his blood next week unless he gets worse again in the meantime.

Still, with the cough and all, he's not going to class tomorrow night, which will probably make him absolutely nuts if he *is* feeling better.

Tika's run: BTW, I forgot to say THANKS so much for taping Tika's run! You're right, it looks pretty darned good. Actually it goes by so fast that it's done almost before it's started! I liked your comments on the tape, especially about how calm i looked. (Didn't feel it! Probably like you felt with Bump on your novice courses--)

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