a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Tika does weaves.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Tika does weaves.

We hardly practiced anything for a week; Thursday I mostly spent packing for our L.A. trip and finishing up some work stuff; Friday we traveled; Sat and Sun we were in City of Industry for the agility trial; Mon I was pretty much wiped out from my cold and in bed. Tuesday when I tried sending Tika through the weaves, she did them without skipping any!

So I did a couple with the tab lead (she seems more confident and faster with light pressure against her collar), then more on her own. Between Tue evening and Wed morning, she did about 9 for 10 all correct all by herself. What a difference from a week ago! Maybe she just needed a rest.

Today in class Rachel showed us how to use a clicker and 2 angled weave poles to teach the dog to go over a jump and make the weave entries. Tika did great; progressed up to 4 straight-on weaves, and Rachel used us as the demo team to show how & when to click and treat.

Today's lesson was Click for the action; Reward for position. So click when the dog hits the weave entry, then give the treat further along the weave path, not in front of you or out to the side, so the dog continues the motion you want.

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