Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Dog Project

SUMMARY: Lovin' my dogs through photography

Note: I first posted about this on Facebook on October 9:
When my Merle Girls departed abruptly, together, last spring, it tore me apart. I have been aware that, since then, I have given my two Boy Beasties far less than their due, and it has much to do with them being here and the others not. One of my recent and ongoing steps towards aligning my spirit with what my brain knows, that these, too, are wonderful dogs, is to take lots of lots of lots of photos of them, doing all the things that dogs do, and more--their bodies, their expressions, their emotions, their activities. I want to really focus (no pun) on *seeing* them.

Not sure where I'm going to have an official project page--maybe on my photo site, maybe just occasional posts here when I get around to it. Not sure whether I'll get all the previous ones posted here or there or just leave them on Facebook. Too many decisions all at once.

But here are recent ones, taken in the week since I came back from vacation (which I'll likely post about someday, you know, like I always do, meaning maybe never).

Chip has his eye on thangs.

Zorro loves his Flat Ball. Up close and snuggy wuggy with the handle.

Nose. Whiskers. The essential dog elements.

Zorro loves his Flat Ball. Oh--did I mention that he has several, in different doggie designer colors?

Iz hard life be me.

Renter got a new quilt while Human Mom was on vacation. Chip was delighted to let Human Mom know that he had inherited theRenter's old one. He's a happy quilt camper, particularly since Zorro has preempted all the other binkies in the house.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

I Have Done Due Diligence

SUMMARY: Election 2016

There are how many frikking propositions on this year's ballot?!

Still, I have read, studied up, read some more, studied up some more, and the ballot is now sealed and ready to join the stream of ballotage flowing to the Registrar of Voters.

Don't usually talk about my voting details, but, yes, Clinton all the way. May be the best--by far the best--candidate win. Go, Hillary!

3 pages, front sides:

Back sides:

Whew! Glad that's done with.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Photo #2119

SUMMARY: A rousing round of randomness

So, here's the thing. Ya take a lot of photos, the camera numbers them for you, but the camera has only a certain number of digits, say, up to 9999, so then it rolls back around to 0001 again.

It's sometimes fun to pick a random photo number and see whatz Iz gotz. For no reason other than that I was looking at one of the IMG_2119 shots, here dey be.  (No guarantee on quality, just--this is what's in my files, so this is what ya get.)

2015 - Disneyland Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, an institution and favorite--that is now no more.

2016 - Lumination at Gilroy Gardens, fantastical Chinese figures of silk and glass and porcelain

2013 - Halloween at Great America, Santa Clara

2012 - Felton Covered Bridge

2014 - Fossa at Happy Hollow Zoo, San Jose

2016 - Abby's Antler, showing to her Human Mom (my seester), Milpitas

2012 - Disneyland Splash Mountain - Seester and her husby, soaking head to foot

2016 - Dog agility walkthrough, Thorsen Arena, Morgan Hill, with "cutout" filter applied

2008 - Shoreline and cypress, Monterey

Why the huge gaps between years? Apparently other 2119s didn't make the cut and are gone for good. So sorry, Other 2119s!