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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Almost ready for prime time

SUMMARY: move in next week! Compare and contrast to 2001

Well… This is three months since I said I would post something about the house project every day. I’m only behind by 90 days. I’m sure I will catch up eventually.

Movers will be here Tuesday and Wednesday! I am trying to be prepared. I have sketched out the furniture layout for all the rooms. I have a couple of people to help.

But the reason I brought you here all today is because of this:

August, 2001

The Last Time I Moved

SUMMARY: Reminding myself why I don't want to do that again

I plan to take photos of everything after the movers have left. I expect there to be too much stuff once again. But at least you can compare and contrast to what I moved into the house in San Jose in 2001. So, yes, despite my goals, I am more or less doing the whole thing again. But rest assured: I don’t ever want to do that again again!

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