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Friday, September 27, 2019

That Addiction Thing

SUMMARY: Summary of my agility years
Facebook: Partially posted there Sept 27 '19. Edited here.

I might have covered this in previous posts. Who knows?!

Another handler posted a "warning" to a new competitor in a Facebook agility group that she started in agility just for something fun to do with her dog—and 10 years later she's an addict.

Hahahahaha!!! (I laugh with her, I'm sure...)

I know so many who are (or have been) in the same camp! In 1995 my life was full—work, house remodel, writing fiction, activities with spouse--and I was training hard with my dog (Remington) in Obedience, aiming for a championship, a goal since my childhood. But it wasn't enough for him (brain or physically)—I had abandoned tracking after 16 weeks (Note to self: to look up--have I written about that before?**), and I'd taught him more tricks than any classes were offering, so I signed up for a 6-week agility class for what-the-heck after urging from one of my obedience instructors. And...

I loved it. The connection with my dog; learning so much more about training and behavior!; The physical & mental challenges for both of us; increased fitness; so many new friends around the country; so many places visited, and...

Dogs #2 and #1 (Jake and Remington, 2002)
Easy to be happy when you've had a good weekend, earned a championship, and have a Human Mom with treats.

After the first year, I started a database of every run.

After 19 years, 4 dogs, nearly 300 weekends* of competitions (and a gazillion classes, seminars, and practices), a full set of agility equipment, buying a house and vehicle to accommodate the activities, around 4700 runs*, multiple nationals competitions*, 160ish titles* (counting everything* at all levels including CH's, Top Ten, Lifetime awards), thousands of ribbons* (yes, I brought them all home: doh!)—and, you know, we never talk about $$$ — only my body stopped me. And I'm far from being one of the most successful or addicted handlers.

What's your story?

Dog #3 (Tika 2008): What it big deal is? I is fun just having.
Plus fun Steeplechase check is gots.

Dog #4 (Boost 2011) -- Is good girl was do. Why Human Mom using is annoying face-machine?

ALL the ribbon things

* And, yes, the database can give me almost exact numbers and tiny details. If I want. To be. Obsessive. Which I never. Am. Never.

** Yes, I have mentioned tracking before.  Here  and a BRAND NEW POST for 1995!

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