a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Taking Tika From a Wild Young Thing to A Champion

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Taking Tika From a Wild Young Thing to A Champion

SUMMARY: A bright memory, updated.
Posted on Facebook August 10, 2019.

As a younger dog, Tika was, at times, frustrating beyond belief. Independent and too dang smart, knowing what she could get away with when I didn't know how to fix it. For those who might be tempted to give up hope with their own crazy, challenging, overwhelming dog:

7 years after Tika retired from agility, in the 22" Performance category, she's still #13 over all in Gamblers, #11 in Jumpers, #11 in Snooker, and #13 in Standard. For "all-breed" (mixed breed), she's still #2 in Standard, #1 in Snooker, #1 in Jumpers, and #1 in Gamblers.

And I was able to hike off- and on-leash with her in so many places (well--not always perfect--but mostly).  (And so many other things, too: Tricks, visiting, being around any other dogs at any time...)

I'm proud of what we accomplished, and it paid off in spades in the immense joy I earned on and off the agility field with her.


  1. She was awesome, smart, beautiful, motivated, I'm glad you had her, I'm glad I got to meet her once. (Glad to meet you too once too, but you know, it's mostly all about the dogs.)

    1. I'm not offended. My dogs are much better conversationalists in person than I am. ;-)