a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Things Are Falling Apart

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Things Are Falling Apart

SUMMARY: Energy, appetite, stamina, interest, jaundice

Up until maybe 3 weeks ago, getting the paper in the morning was one of Boost's favorite things. She'd remind me it was time if I forgot. A year or so ago, she developed an excited single sharp bark as I approached the door. That was something that she didn't do for anything else.

But about 3 weeks ago, it started being variable--one enthusiastic retrieve, one lackadaisical, one she looked like she'd forgotten about it. Mix those up.

Over the last week, it has progressed rapidly-- she wouldn't go out on her own but was glad to be invited to go out with me, and would pick up the paper when I suggested it. Then she wouldn't pick it up but would take it if I offered it and carried it into the house. Yesterday she walked only halfway out to the end of the driveway and showed no interest in taking it.

She's gone from eating her dish of kibble very very very slowly just one weekend ago (before her diagnosis), to eating very little of anything, and only after her meds have had an hour or two to kick in. Might eat a couple of kibbles. A string or two or five of string cheese. Three or four freeze-dried chicken concoctions. Lots of Zuke's minis--or none. A teaspoonful of applesauce.

Yesterday at lunch I offered her a couple of tablespoons of my frozen entree (heated up) of rice and chicken, and she ate that, and I wished that I had let her have the whole thing but I had already eaten it. So, at dinner, I heated up a big batch of butternut squash ravioli--and she had no interest at all in that.

A couple of days ago had maybe a half inch of Nutri-Cal. Liked the Zuke's beef patties for a few days and then not no more.  The special little-dog patés, yep, ate half of one Saturday but hasn't been interested since. Won't eat any of the canned dogfoods I've tried. Not interested in my breakfast cereal. Not eggs. Not chicken. Not liver treats.

This morning so far she had a few tiny shreds of shredded cheddar.  Oh--twenty minutes later (now) she just came in and at about half a dozen zuke's over a 5-minute period. Not interested in anything else I've offered so far.

Chasing a toy for her is--I dunno, atavistic? obsessive?--no matter how she's feeling, if a toy is about to be kicked or thrown, her eyes get big, her ears come forward, and she throws herself after it in the same jet-packed way that she always has.

Jaundice is pretty bad. Yellow eyes, yellow ears, yellow gums.

Last night she might have had a little seizure.

Today, no energy. Will still zoom after a ball that i kicked about 6 feet. But now just standing there.

In fact, that's the word for this morning: Just standing there. Looking at me, or just staring  in front of her.

she likes me to have my hand on her but still not snuggle.   Will see whether she eats.  maybe i'll go get her a pizza.

She might be pretty much done.

Guess I'm not going to work today either.


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    1. Way, way too fast. And yet, remember friends whose dogs have died suddenly (usually from hemangiosarcoma), I'm lucky to have these last few days with her. I keep trying to remind myself of that.