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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Renaissance Faire

SUMMARY: A fantastical Saturday.

I and two friends took ourselves and our cameras to the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire on Saturday. Had to leave the Merle Girls at home, but none-the-less had a great time (although I never manage to take enough photos). Here's an appetizer selection.

A naughty faun.  (Faun girl, if you see this, my friend has more photos of you that you can have. I'm at elf (at) finchester (dot) org.)

An herb seller outfit.

Musicians and performers of all kinds abounded.

It was a Fantasy-themed weekend, and fairies of all kinds abounded.

In the Renaissance, nothing is ever spelled the same as it is in the 21st century. Food and drink, all marvelous, also abounded.

Fairies on horses!

Vendors abounded--amazing ceramics and other stunning works.

Elizabethan outfits were the most elaborate.

Street scene--booths of one sort or another, or stages, lined the entire site.

Dirty Laundry laundresses performing.

Belly dancer.

Romeo and Juliet as you've never seen it before!

Playing dice. It was impossible to tell who were "participants" and who were "visitors"--many visitors (like me) dressed for the time period, more or less. And people hung out and did all the sorts of things that people did.

Speak softly and carry a...

And masks.

Oops, caught in the act.

For many more photos of these and more, including nights in shining armor, brilliant colors, and all, here are the rest of my photos from the day:   http://elf1.smugmug.com/Events/Renaissance-Pleasure-Faire2013/32572615_t4qXS6

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