a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Motel

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


SUMMARY: My back is so much happier in a regular bed than in MUTT MVR. Sorry, MM.

Don't they look happy? This is in the Travelodge in Turlock last weekend.

Whenever possible without paying an arm and a leg more, I get a room with a King bed (like we share at home) or with two Queens, because the 3 of us just do NOT fit well on a single queen. Yes, I'm spoiled.

This time around, Tika mostly slept on the floor except for brief periods on the blue bed and a little time on the other bed with me; Boost slept mostly on the blue bed with brief periods in the other bed with me. Every time I woke up, they were in different locations.

This is me in the room's cosmetic area (what do you call it? sinks and counters and mirrors--the bath & loo are behind a door). Takeaway: Look at the camera, not at myself.

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