a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: VAST USDAA Trial This Weekend

Thursday, February 07, 2013

VAST USDAA Trial This Weekend

SUMMARY: It has been a while!

The statistics are in; the running orders are posted online, and I have downloaded and printed my copy.

For this weekend's trial:

DayTotal  RunsSteeplechase/
Grand Prix
StartersAdvanced Masters
Saturday66583  (St)8577420
Sunday42585 (GP)5149240

In Masters, the 420 runs are in 5 different classes (Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers, etc.), so that's about 84 dogs per class.  Of those 84, about 40 are in Boost's jump height, so competing directly with her. Or we're competing with them. WHY did I get a 22"-jumping dog??

Now, in *Tika's* jump height, there are 11 or 12! That's actually a huge number for that group! Whoo, if we place we could get a ton of Top Ten points...


Nevvvvverrrr miiiiiiiiind.

I'm thinking of taking a retirement cake if I have time tomorrow to pick one up somewhere.

Funny the difference between masters and the lower levels. There are about 15 dogs in advanced, 17 in Starters. Among those, apparently there will be a few friends running their young dogs for the first time this weekend. Always exciting.

I'm having to remember all the things about going to a competition. Three months off feels like an eternity in some ways--will have to get back into the habit of what needs doing, when. You'd think that after 250 trials more or less, I'd just know by instinct now.

I'm splurging this weekend and staying in a hotel both Friday and Saturday nights. This is SO different from (a) usually driving out Saturday morning after getting up at 4 a.m. and (b) sleeping in MUTT MVR onsite if weather is halfway decent.

 I justified this because I'm entering only one dog so didn't have to pay Tika's entry fee--actually 2 nights in this hotel is less than the entry would've been (by just a tad). And secondarily because I haven't been to bed before midnight or even later most nights in the last couple of weeks, too much work-work to get done, so expecting to (a) go to bed at 8 this Friday night and be able to fall asleep quickly and (b) get up at 4-dark-fifteen and be able to drive safely on no sleep is just crazy. So, driving out there tomorrow night. I haven't done that in years--slept in a hotel 2 nights OR driven out on Friday instead of Saturday morning.

I will miss seeing the sunrise, though--best part of the morning drive.  Assuming that it's not raining, which looks like it won't be.

I skipped class tonight because I'm SO desperate to get this one document finished. It'll be another late night anyway. This is my break time.

I am SO looking forward to going and hanging out with all the people I like and running my border collie. This is good--means 3 months off was the right tune-up for my attitude.

That is all.


  1. I just noticed that 7 of the 14 paragraphs start with "I". Maybe I need an I doctor.

  2. Damn- just lost my long comment- maybe that was a sign!
    Glad you took some much needed time off and had a nice attitude adjustment! Next time you should get a 12" jumping dog- you can place all the time and feel really good about yourself and your dog ;)
    I am looking forward to the sunrise drivie tomorrow morning, our first time at Nune's, running on grass and the days inn tomorrow night- im not camping if I can't plug in my heater in this cold weather! Totaly worth the $44! See ya tomorrow:)

    1. Oooooooo, isn't that annoying, typing up a whole set of thoughts, beautifully organized and phrased, and then POOF gone!?

      I was feeling pretty good about me and Tika in performance 22". Maybe I'll just get another 22" perf dog. :-)

      I'm staying at the travelodge. People (and I) have had mixed experiences there, but mostly good and it's so close to the field.

      See yo tomororow!