a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Sierras, Goodbye!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sierras, Goodbye!

SUMMARY: We had a great weekend!

Spent the weekend with my gracious hosts, Dan and Karey, and their three border collies: Styx (compact little girl with prick ears), Dig (whom I think of as a "classic" black and white border collie), and Bump (the graying guy, 2 years older than Tika (retired from his Platinum-lifetime/platinum ADCH agility career)), and all of them handled 2-3 miles of snow hiking per day just fine. The dogs had a blast, and I loved just being there.

Got home at 2 this morning, in bed by 2:30 or so. Slept till 10. Catching up on email and photos and such, doing timecard and status report, moving the 1000 photos from one computer to the other, a little unpacking. Most of the photos I haven't even looked at yet! Now must go work.

Here are a few shots from this weekend. (If you're on facebook, you've likely already seen many of them.)

Saturday morning

Dig, Dig, Styx & Boost, Styx, Tika.

Saturday Afternoon and evening
Karey and my dogs, resting up.
Sunset. (The brilliantly colored one is the same as its preceding photo, but with saturation extremely exaggerated for fun.)

Sunday Morning

Tika, Styx, Boost, Styx

Sunday Afternoon and Evening

Tika with a rainbow, Boost, Bump with a rainbow, sunset, all of us.


  1. Beautiful photos Ellen. Especially like the ones of the B&W BC solo in the snow. And the mountains photo. You looked so happy up there- what a great get away!

    1. Thanks, Maura. I muttered about solid black dogs on blinding white snow all weekend. Fiddled with camera's exposure compensation and white balance over and over. Still had to do a lot of post-processing, no surprise. I'm pleased with how well some turned out despite everything.

      I *know* that I need to do more vacations that don't involve dog agility, but somehow I keep forgetting to do that.

  2. Oh cool -- great shots! Love the Tika shoe-biting one -- how'd you get that one?

    1. Thanks! Zoomed the lens all the way in (widest field of view), bent over and held it as close to the ground as I could, just kept hitting the shutter, and crossed my fingers. Lots of shots with parts of her or the boot cut off or blurry, but a few turned out nicely. (I think I also had servo focus and rapid repeat turned on.)

    2. Well that was a successful experiment, I'd say. Great catch of the horizon and sky really complements the shot.

  3. These just make me smile. So glad you and the girls got to go play in the snow! Great shots of what looks like a great time. Tika looks so happy napping after a long day of snow hiking! :)

    1. It was wonderful for all of us. You can tell when Tika is very happy and excited because she grabs my foot and doesn't want to let go. Maybe I'll add captions for all these pictures.