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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Things I'm Thinking

SUMMARY: Hugging my dogs and others as well.

Tika's recent heart diagnosis has spurred me to spend more time hugging and appreciating my dogs.

Tika's fur is so soft. I massage and pet her, bury my cheek in her fur, nuzzle her cheek. She seems to like it and puts up with me murmuring sweet nothings in her ears.

Boost likes it for a couple of minutes but then it's time to get going. She's such a border collie, but really also such a sweet girl. Who cares if she's knocking bars pretty much every run in class these days? She's smart and fast and eager and seems to adore me (ok, sometimes too much, but that's better than being ignored most of the time).

The heart-rending shootings in Connecticut--ah, me--make me ache, body and mind and soul. I love my family. I'm trying to remember to tell them so, too, even if I don't bury my cheek in their hair. Who cares if none of them will chase a frisbee? They're smart and generous and willing to do a lot for each other; I sometimes think that we don't know how much.

(From 2008)


  1. You are blessed!!! Hugs my pal. PS: Mum does that bury her nose in my fur, whisper sweet nothings in my ear thing too. And every single night when she gets in bed with me, she tells me how lucky she is to sleep with the nicest, handsomest, smartest, most wonderful guy in the world. She is sooooo silly! :)

    1. People just are silly sometimes, no doubt about it. But that's what makes us interesting. :-)

  2. What a great family. And what great dogs too. I read this while at work and got too teary to comment then. Got to learn not to read blogs there...Have a wonderful holiday together! And hug Tika and Boost for me. I'm pretty sure your family would think it weird if you hugged THEM for me! LOL!