a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: O Xmas Tree Phase 1

Monday, December 17, 2012

O Xmas Tree Phase 1

SUMMARY: Getting the lights up

So, I'm a little late this year--but last year I never got a tree. Orrrr I got it but never decorated it.

Yesterday I found a decent-enough tree, a smallish silver-tip fir. I love these because they have soooo much space between the branches for ornaments, and I have soooo many ornaments -- more than I can fit on an 8-foot tree, so with this tiny one, hooboy, it'll be really hard to pick and choose.

But first--the lights!

In the order of things, the string of lights with light-up ornaments attached goes first, to try to distribute the light-ups fairly evenly.

Some of my light-ups:

(Says "five...four...three...

(Says, "You are strong, young Skywalker,
but you are not a Jedi yet. [inhale]")

Hmm, do we detect a space-ish theme here?

I also have this high-tech computer user ornament--a ginormous(*) CRT with glowing green letters on a black background making a letter to Santa. Does this date me? And my ornament?

(*)Thinking of you, Steph, wherever your spirit has roamed.

And a couple more.

Next, one string of twinkling lights. I thought that, with a smaller tree, I could get away with just those two strings, but noooooooooo -- too many empty branches. Ah, well, not bad for one busy weekend. To bed!


  1. Pretty tree! And very interesting ornaments! I don't think we'll even put the tree up. Last year we lugged it up from the basement but never put it together, then in January we lugged it back. Yes I know. I'd rather have a real tree, but husband does not and I gave in years ago. Ah well. Do the dogs get freaked by it being up?

    1. I don't recall that any of my dogs have been freaked out by having a tree in the house, but I did have to keep the boy dogs away from it when not supervised. :-) I've been thinking very hard about prelit artificial trees--for what I typically pay for a tree year after year, and all the time going from lot to lot, and then stringing all the lights-- I could get the smell with a couple of real wreaths or something.

    2. Good point about the smell. I miss that...and your solution would work.