a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: The Campaign Is Almost Over

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Campaign Is Almost Over

SUMMARY: List of goals--most accomplished, much progress made.

Thirteen months ago, I announced The Campaign to try to complete a specific set of titles for both dogs.

I've been marking off the completed items under the "The Campaign" link at the top of my page. I also pretty much stopped frantically chasing things back in September--too many weekends of agility once again, got tired of it once again.

Assuming that Tika is retired, then her Campaign is obviously over, with much success. Boost is still working, but also made significant progress.

Here's the original set of goals, and what we achieved in these 13 months:

For Tika:
  • PTM-Platinum: Performance Tournament Master platinum, that's  50 Performance Tournament Qs (Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and DAM Team, with at least 10 in each).  What Tika still needs: A DAM Q and any other Q. DONE! [In fact, she now has 68 total Perf Tournament Qs.]
  • LAA-Platinum: Lifetime Achievement Award Platinum. That's 500 Qs in any Masters, P3, or Tournament class, with at least 50 in each regular titling class (Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers, Pairs). What Tika still needs: 95 Qs. 76 Completed.
  • PDCH-Gold: Performance Championship Gold: At least 35 Qs in each regular titling class and at least 35 tournament Qs. What Tika still needs:  9 Standard, 4 Pairs Relay, 1 Gamblers, 9 Snooker, 6 Jumpers. DONE!
  • C-ATE: CPE Agility Team Extraordinaire. That's 5000 points at level C (which, unlike lower levels in CPE, requires clean runs for Qs), including at least 20 Qs in each of the 7 classes. Point values vary by class; for example, Standard is 25 points, Jumpers is 20, Colors is 15. My estimate is that, on average, runs on any given weekend average about 21.5 points each. What Tika still needs: 965 points, roughly 46 Qs (she already has her 20 in all 7 classes). DONE!
  • ExST ExSN ExJP ExFH: Extraordinaire [class], 30 of that class at level C. So my stretch goal is for Standard, Snooker, Jackpot (Gamblers), and Full House Ex titles. We might also end up with our Wildcard, Colors, and  Jumpers Ex, too, but those aren't specific goals.  What Tika still needs: ExST: Oh, we got this last weekend! Yeah! ExSN: 2 Qs. ExJP: 1 Q. ExFH: 2 Qs.  Completed Standard, Snooker, Jackpot, Full House, and Wildcard; need just one more for Jumpers and two more for Colors. (We pretty much stopped doing CPE after the C-ATE and CATCH completed.)
For Boost:
  • ADCH: Agility Dog Champion. That's 5 Qs in each of the regular titling classes--3 of the Snookers must be SuperQs--plus 5 tournaments with at least 1 of each tournament. What Boost still needs: 2 superQs, 2 Jumpers. (You'd think this would be easy--just 4 Qs. Apparently not.) 2 Jumpers completed. [And if we can ever get those 2 Super-Qs, that would complete not only the ADCH, but also the Snooker Champion Silver!]
  • ADCH-Bronze: (stretch goal) 15 Qs in each of the regular titling classes plus 15 tournaments with at least 3 of each. What Boost still needs: ADCH plus 3 Gamblers and 10 Jumpers.   The Gamblers and one of the Jumpers completed. [In fact, she has also completed her GOLD Relay Championship (35 Qs).]
  • C-ATCH: CPE Agility Trial Champion. You compete at Level 5 to earn this, where you can still have some faults but fewer than you can at lower levels. For example, you can still Q in Jumpers with one bar down. It requires 10 Standard and 5 each of the other 6 classes. What Boost still needs: 6 Standard, 5 colors, 2 Wildcard, 3 Snooker.  DONE!
Annnnnnnd that's all for tonight.


  1. Awesome, awesome accomplishments...no matter how you add 'em up :)

    1. Thanks! I try to keep remembering that. :-)