a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: More Fireworks and Bored Dogs

Friday, July 06, 2012

More Fireworks and Bored Dogs

SUMMARY: All the shots are edited, and the dogs are tired of it.

The rest of my fireworks shots are here--I recommend playing in slideshow mode.

This dog is somewhat bored.

This Collie is boreder.

I'm not entirely sure why they both have bright blue patches. I swear I haven't been painting them.


  1. Or maybe they've just found an excellent way to ride out the heat wave? I finally took Katie to Pet Smart..not to buy anything, but to take a walk but stay in air conditioning. Could have waited until today. This morning it's 20 degrees cooler than same time yesterday morning. :)

  2. And... after 10 days of comforting my dog nightly because Michigan just approved the sale of big noisy fireworks for private use this year.....it was joyful to watch your slideshow of fireworks without sound! :) I didn't get to go to see any fireworks this year, other then the ones being shot off by idiots in my neighborhood. So now I can say I've seen a fireworks show, and Katie slept right through it! I found myself saying "oooooh" and "ahhhhh" with each shot in your slideshow! Thanks!

    1. It wasn't nearly as hot here that day as it has been further east, maybe only mid-80s.

      I hate all the illegal fireworks in my neighborhood every year--their noise annoys me (at least I'm not as terrified as I used to be unless there are a lot right up close), I worry about something landingon my roof (although Ihave a metal roof so maybe it wouldn't be dangerous), and the closer or louder ones make the dogs bark. But I don't mind the sound of the controlled, legal shows.

      Glad I could give you your own, quiet, at-home show. :-)