a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: July Photo Contest

Monday, July 09, 2012

July Photo Contest

SUMMARY: I got another ribbon from my photo club!
Most months, my photo club has a digital photo competition and the photos are displayed on a large screen so it's easier for all of us (and the judge) to see them. A few times a year, though, they do a print competition for those who prefer the print media.

I decided to try printing and entering one of my photos. Gah! Hate trying to figure out how to make something that looks nice on the screen then look nice when printed! But I wrestled with it for a couple of hours a couple of weeks ago and then another couple of hours more this week, finally printed it, entered it into tonight's competition, and it won Best In Class in the Nature class!

It definitely looks better up close than in an 8x10 print from across the room. I posted it first in this post, but edited differently. Here's my version as printed.

Sea Otter Eating A Clam


  1. Thanks! It's funny, in part I won by following the rules, which say that the storytelling aspect of a NATURE photo should take higher precedence than technical excellence, and that man-made objects & landscapes should not be included unless they contribute significantly to the story--and the title has to say what the story is. I think that this is actually a pretty decent photo all around, but other people keep submitting things like, say, an owl sitting on a lawn, titled "barred owl". So although it's a nice photo of an owl, there's no story in the title, none obvious in the photo, and the lawn is pretty obviously manmade landscaping, so boom it's disqualified. Several go like that each time they have a nature competition. Funny. So "otter eating a clam" is a story... something's happening that tells something about nature.

    The next best one in the nature category was a nicely composed photo of an elephant blowing dust on itself, but it was apparently pretty blurry.

    So I won by following the rules and have a sharp photo. :-)