a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Sibling--Well, Probably Not Rivalry

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sibling--Well, Probably Not Rivalry

SUMMARY: Boost's brother starts out well at AKC Nationals.

I haven't been watching the AKC nationals in Tulsa, although you can buy a subscription for live videos (some events started yesterday).

Just heard that Boost's littermate brother, Derby, placed 3rd in 26" International Style Standard today. Derby belongs to Tammy, Boost's breeder. Good on ya, bro!

Can't say there's a rivalry there--we can't even get a dang Jumpers Q. So we're cheering them on full-heartedly.

Several other Bay Teamers and locals placed in events today, as well. Go, BT!

Former classmate and defending 16" champion Luka isn't there this year because she came up sore a while back and Ashley has been treating her recovery with the utmost care; they're barely back at rehabilitation stage now, after weeks of rest.

Good luck, all you many Californians out there in Tulsa who braved snow(!) through New Mexico to get there.

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