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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Foggy Agility Practice

SUMMARY: Foggy air, foggy brain

In lieu of Tika's class, I went up to Power Paws' field this morning with a friend an her dogs to practice. There was already a challenging-looking jumpers (with weaves) course set up, so we walked it and ran it. She did very well with her two little dogs, with only a couple of challenges, but Tika and I had to work on a couple of sections to get them right, and Boost and I never did make it all the way through the course successfully.

We didn't get as much time practicing as we would have liked. Lessons learned (duh):
  • If you're paying field rental per hour, it doesn't make much sense to go up with a friend whose dogs are very different heights, especially if there's a jumpers course already set, because you'll spend half your time setting bars.
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes early to evaluate the lay of the land and get ready to go. (I don't know why I thought that arriving AT the start time would work for me--I always arrive 15-20 minutes before class!)
  • Get a dog who doesn't roll in poo so that, just when you're about to walk out the door, you have to spend 5 minutes cleaning her off. (Boost! Again! That's 4 times in about a week and a half, after maybe a couple of months with nuthin'.)

I'd give you a course layout, but not sure that I could capture it correctly enough to reflect the challenges.

It was a foggy, foggy morning. When we first get there, Friend walks out into the field to see whether there is, in fact, a dogwalk anywhere out there:

Boost and Tika liked watching the other dogs run:

There are more photos with narration here, not really agility, just the fog and the site and the critters (sheep, llamas, dogs). It's just easier to upload photos there than here.

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  1. that's foggy...

    i had that experience of wasting time adjusting bars...

    so if i'm lazy, i will juz let my dog practise on lower jumps