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Friday, February 15, 2008

Assorted Fun URLs

SUMMARY: People send me these things; I have to get rid of them SOMEHOW or they'll end up in a huge pile on my disk drive!

  • Mating call Ringtones: You can play the coyote sample on your computer and see whether it makes your dogs as crazy as it made mine.
  • How a dog sees an agility course (animated), gives some idea of what dogs see in front of them (although not so much peripheral)...if you can stand the addictive/brain mangling soundtrack.
  • Agility dog's-eye view: Camera strapped to dog's head. Looks remarkably similar to the animated version.
  • Animal Planet's Mutt-Maker Game: Select from a few breeds and assemble silly-looking mixes with equally silly-sounding breed names. Watch how the generated breed name changes as you change portions of the dog! A guaranteed pointless time-waster! But cute.
  • The Daily Coyote: Beautiful photography of a woman raising a coyote pup.
  • Off to the Iditarod! Former Bay Teamer who used to run in agility with one of the original Jakes (an Aussie), is competing in the Iditarod this year. (According the the list available from the interactive map on the official web site, Liz is currently in 64th out of 96 teams. Pretty good for a rookie!)
  • Johann the Dog's Agility Squidoo Lens: I don't know what a Squidoo or a lens is, and I do know that Johann is a for-profit (but real agility dog) dog, but Johann's mom does a good job of sorting through things agility and finding cool stuff. Includes videos of other species doing agility.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my Squidoo lens! I've been adding some links (to blogs), books, dvd's and more lately. Hope it's helpful to anyone who visits!