a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Snooker Videos

Monday, February 05, 2007

Snooker Videos

SUMMARY: Tika's ADCH run--and Fable's by comparison


  1. Congrats on everything! What an amazing weekend for you, too cool. I like the video, Tika looks like a neat little dog.

    Your trials must be huge if you have over 20 people in the 26" class. We have like 2-4.

  2. California, and particularly central CA, seems to be a hotbed of agility. Plus we can do it year-round, so there's plenty to keep our agility joneses active. The smallest 26" Masters class that Tika has ever competed in had 13 dogs but, as I mentioned, our average over the last 3 years or so has been over 27. This weekend, with 20 to 22 26" dogs, was a 2-ring trial, fairly small for this area. Three rings are more common, and our club (The Bay Team) and the combined Haute Dawgs/TRACS each put on a major 4-ring trial every years, with zillions of 26 inchers. There were 46 26" dogs at our last Labor Day trial, but many came in from other parts of the country because it was a regional event.


  3. You and Tika did a great job, Snooker is my favorite class because I think it gives the handler the chance to plan a course to take advantage of their dogs' strengths. So, to me, it's the epitome of teamwork. Congrats!