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Thursday, February 22, 2007

AKC Considering Mixed Breeds in Competition

SUMMARY: Cross-post from Nancy Gyes

I would like to ask you to please participate in an AKC survey which is soliciting opinions on whether to allow mixed breeds to participate in AKC Events. I hope that you will agree that mixed breeds should be allowed to compete in the very same classes at all performance events with AKC purebreds.

I think that the AKC is close to making a decision in the direction of allowing them to compete in performance events. What is unclear is how they may allow them to participate. I would not like to see them create a separate class for the All American dogs instead of simply allowing them to participate in regular classes along side the rest of us. There are some very specific questions on the survey addressing that subject.

The survey will not take long, please take a few minutes and show your support to our friends and students with mixed breeds as well as all the owners of mixed breeds around the country. Speak up with your curser!


Thank you in advance,

Nancy Gyes
Owner of a mixed breed since 1976

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