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Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Letter Photo Credits

SUMMARY: Holiday letter, as usual, didn't make it for Christmas.

Well, folks, the annual Holiday Letter is finally printing and a big batch will (I hope) go out in the mail tomorrow.

I had intended to give photo credits for all the photos, but decided that there just wasn't enough room and, since this is a limited-distribution-to-friends letter anyway, I figured I'd just post the info here. Here goes:
  • Front cover (me at Scottsdale): my camera, some friend wandering by
  • Back cover (me at Disneyland): my camera, my sister Linda or her spouse Paul
  • Back cover (odd shell thing): me
  • Sepia hiking group: me with camera on tripod & timer
  • Me with camera: Keith Holt
  • Me with Boost going over jump: Bamfoto
  • Pile of mulch: Me
  • Jake: Me
  • Team at nationals: My camera with human tripod (I set up the camera and position and hand it to random someone with instructions on how to frame the photo)
  • All others: Probably my father (Bob Levy) or mother (Louise Levy)

Now all you need is the letter. :-)

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  1. I love your Holiday Letter - I wish I had a tenth that level of creativty!