a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: The Doggernet

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Doggernet

SUMMARY: Dogs, dogs, everywhere you turn.

Individual pages for dogs and dog blogs are everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. The question is always how much to look for and how much to read. I learn something everywhere I go. For example, did you know that Yahoo has an "Individual Dog Blogs" category? And that Taj MuttHall seems to be on it? We've traveled pretty far for a blog whose original purpose was simply to be my way of tracking my progress and experience with my dogs and was never intended for public consumption.

I learned that latest tidbit by reading Pappy's Dog Blog and comments posted thereon by its readers. However, mostly I just follow two other agility blogs, Flirt's Dog Agility Blog and Training Journal for Devon and Jaime--because one day I found them, somehow, and because their posts are interesting and because they touch on lots of material that's of interest to me.

It's fun--or strange--to see how often pages I've worked on come up at the top in dog-related searches:
  • "hemangiosarcoma": Wikipedia's article, which I started because I knew 2 things about it from Remington's illness

  • "Remington agility": The top 5 listings from this Google search are me and my dog (all the more reason to have dogs with really unique names)

  • "how many legs to earn a NATCH?" (something I tried for what-the-heck last week) and of the first 7 responses to come up, one was my Taj MuttHall page about Remington and/or Jake earning their titles, one (another Bay Team member) Jack & Libby's page about Skye Buhite, and one a PowerPaws page about their dogs (my instructors and also Bay Team members)

    1. http://daysofspeed.blogspot.com/

      are you familiar with this dog agility blog?


    2. Nope, but that looks like a good one. Thanks for the link. -ellen

    3. April 13, 2019 update on web searches, just for fun:
      * how many legs to earn a NATCH: First, Google changed the search from NATCH to MATCH before I caught it and had to select that, yes, I really mean NATCH; then I searched through the first 7 pages of results and my post isn't there. However, if I put that phrase in quotes, yep, my blog post shows up as #1.
      * Remington agility: So many "Remington" names in agility these days. Our first appearance in the list is on page 4 and it's my obit posted for him in Morris Animal Foundation, not one of my blog posts.
      * Hemangiosarcoma: Wikipedia article is still the first thing in the list. Although, of course, it has been edited and expanded many, many times since I created it. Check it out on Wikipedia, then view my original here: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hemangiosarcoma&oldid=10171234