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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Feels Good Today

SUMMARY: Better already, but more to go.

The difference in how my knee and leg felt when I woke up this morning compared even to last night is tremendous. It's quite a relief; I believed I'd be getting better but the way it's been this week, I was afraid it might be months.

Not that it's perfect. I can walk up and down stairs normally today with only a twinge here and there. But I went out to the movies (regretfully turning down opportunities to go to Big Basin Redwoods and a city-wide garage sale) and, turning my body to get out of the car, there was still a sharp pain, and walking up and down a couple of short, steeper ramps was harder than stairs. I walked leisurely, making an effort to walk normally and not limp--I think I wanted to favor my right leg because I have been for several days, not that it needed it at a casual pace.

What has me wondering is the pain in the muscles or tendons down the back of my leg on either side. Don't know why the knee whould have affected that. I didn't even notice it until Thursday evening. So--was it a side effect of favoring my knee? Or did I sprain or pop (or, zounds, tear) something back there on wednesday? Don't know. At any rate, that's much better today, too, but still not out of the woods.

Guess I'm glad I didn't go this weekend. However--inspired by Gridiron Gang today and Invincible last week, I think I'll now go find some football games to win.

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